A book by Botswana based author

Brigitta Zwani


My Story

A warm-hearted wordsmith and publisher who has successfully fused her craft with her desire to encourage hope and uplift our African youth.

Her book, a psychological thriller is ​an amalgamation of an authentic plot and relatable characters. The Shrink is Zwani's debut novel that inspires hope in adolescents dealing with similar issues to those of the characters, and it certainly delivers a tremendous dose of perspective into the reality of the challenges facing many of Africa's youth.


Her second book Hope was published in July 2021, and her latest book Kasane was published in February 2022.

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The Shrink is a light hearted read, with little twists and a tinge of humour. It is a must read for parents with adolescents as well as teens who are struggling with changes in their lives. It subtly puts forward issues of misunderstanding, abuse, low- self-esteem and other challenges that young people may be faced with but afraid to share in today's society.



What would make you appreciate this book? Everything in here is done well. Its flows; there are no breaks in which you ask yourself what time period you are in right now. The Main characters are well developed. We would suggest you pick up this book and read it. It wouldn't be time wasted at all

This novel starts like those local stories on TV, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned into a movie or TV story. It reads like a movie or TV series more like The No 1 Ladies'Detective Agency. Each scene is a very detailed step of the story... Brigitta does a good job of painting scenes, rooms, feelings and events vividly with words.